How To Eat Good Bacon

Many ways of cooking bacon, but frying is one of the most common classical ways. Delicious bacon ate with eggs, pancakes, or various other breakfast menus. You can even crush it and sprinkle it over the salad. Very practical. Bacon became one of the Golden Corral Breakfast Menu that you can enjoy at breakfast. Breakfast a lot of benefits, one of which is to provide energy for the body to go through activities and reduce the risk of obesity. The breakfast menu that is definitely served at the dinner table is beans, sausage, bacon, eggs, mushrooms, hash brown and toast bread. And usually, their breakfast comes with a cup of tea or black pudding.

If you choose American breakfast menu, in general, will be served 2 pieces of chicken eggs can be poached egg. Comes with bacon or sausage slices, a piece of toast spread with fruit jam, pancakes with syrup, cereal, coffee or tea and orange juice. In addition to pancakes sometimes served waffles and bread sometimes replaced with hash brown potatoes or fries. Sausages are also replaced with other types of processed meats such as bacon or pastrami.